• This is an eight-week program designed to improve your performance in the squat, bench, and deadlift while also increasing your muscularity. The program consists of a five-day split per week, a built in deload in week seven, and a re-test in week eight. Due to the high physical demands of this program, it is recommended that individuals choosing to do this program have a minimum of one year training experience.

    Equipment needed:

    • barbell
    • plates
    • dumbbells
    • resistance bands
    • cable machines

    All other equipment or machines are truly only recommended but certainly not needed!

  • The power building guide is quite simply a guide aimed at helping you improve absolute strength while also facilitating hypertrophy. The program is for any individual with a solid foundation of weight room experience and skill. The guide is split into five days that consist of one squat day, two deadlift days, and two bench days. Each workout will typically take 60-75 minutes each if rest periods are abided by. The equipment demands are rather simple and nothing beyond what a typical gym setting has to offer. Simple training is hard training and outlandish exercise selection and equipment is truly not needed to see improvement. This program will be an excellent enhancer if anyone looking to increase both muscle mass and overall strength.