The "BE MORE 2024" challenge is an eight week percentage based powerbuilding program! This program is great for anyone looking to transform their physique and improve their strength!  Each training day is composed of a main strength movement (squat, bench, deadlift, OH press) that is percentage-based & it is paired with a wide array of hypertrophy-centric accessory movements. The gym program boasts a 4-day split with an optional 5th: upper + core, lower, upper + core, lower, full body!

As always we are showing love to our home workout warriors. The home workouts are also operating on a four-day split, and they too will have an optional fifth day. The home workouts are done in a superset or circuit fashion, and the fifth optional day is full body just like the gym! We feel as though this program is a great fit for absolutely anyone, regardless of where you are at in your fitness journey! 

We do our best to write programs that tailor to most individuals and their unique gym setups. If you find yourself struggling with certain exercises or are in need of alternative exercises, feel free to reach out to one of us via email. For substitution help, we can be reached at zach@bodyfitbalance.com

This program comes with BOTH home & gym workouts! We also include a TON of other extremely helpful information in the PDF!