Glute Bands

Sizing Chart

The glute bands come in three distinct sizes: small (13”), medium (15”), and large (17”). The resistance of the bands decreases slightly as you go up in sizes. 

We highly recommend choosing your band size off of a few different pieces of criteria: 

  • your size
  • your fitness level
  • exercises you will be using band for

Please keep in mind that you should choose your band size off of more than just the weight - this is just a sizing reference guide but if you are a more advanced lifter, we recommend sizing down from the sizing chart for more resistance. 

  • • 13” - small glute bands: weight 180 or less

    • 15” - medium glute bands: weight 130-250

    • 17” - large glute bands: weight above 250 lbs


Glute bands have a wide array of uses, you can use the glute bands to activate and warmup the hip musculature prior to training, as an added hip abduction component to any lower body exercise, or as an end of the workout finisher to really tax the glutes.

All of our bands are latex free & are made with a durable high quality cloth material. Because they are made with a high quality cloth material, you won’t have to worry about them snapping or breaking easily on you like most rubber bands eventually do.

Each band has two rubber non-slip grip strips on the inside of the band to prevent rolling & sliding.

All bands come with a complimentary black mesh carrying bag.