This program is a twelve week template that has a major focus on the squat, bench, and deadlift. The way in which this program differs from the PowerBuilding or Strength guides stems from the volume attributed to the big three lifts. The PowerBuilding guide was heavily skewed towards utilizing accessories and secondary movements as the main drivers of total volume. The Strength guide had a great combination of both but with slightly more emphasis on the main movement side of things. However, this guide is skewed heavily towards using the big three lifts to be the main driver of volume. 

Another difference is that this guide has a four day split vs five:
• 2 bench days
• 1 deadlift day
• 1 squat day

Equipment needed:
• barbells, dumbbells, bench + cable machine (can make due without, just email us for modifications)

Who this program is for:
• intermediate to advanced lifters