2 Grand Prize Winners will win $1000 cash + a $250 Bowmar Nutrition & THICC BY BFB Gift Card 

This is a 8-week hypertrophy based strength training program designed to help improve body recomposition, increase muscle mass & improve cardiovascular health & strength. This program comes with BOTH home & gym workouts!

Challenge Info: 

This challenge starts on January 2nd! 

The winners will be based off of overall engagement in the challenge, progress & consistency within the app & overall physical transformation. More details on challenge entries and submissions are within the PDF. 

Once you purchase this program, you will receive an email with a PDF going over all of the program write ups, challenge info & workouts -  you will receive a SEPARATE invite via email to activate app access for the challenge by 12/31-01/02 (depending on date of purchase) & to view the workouts within the app! Please allow 24 hours after time of purchase to send out app access.

Equipment Needed: 

Gym: Barbells, Dumbbells, Bench, Cable Machine, Lat Pulldown, Leg Extension, Leg Curl, Leg Press

Home: Dumbbells 

Program Split:

Gym program has a 5 day split:

  • + Day 1: Upper + Abs

    + Day 2: Lower Body

    + Day 3: Upper + Abs

    + Day 4: Lower Body

    + Day 5: Optional Full Body Conditioning & Core Day

    Average Workout Length: 40-70 minutes

Home program has a 4-day split (2 upper/2 lower) - workout length is 40 minutes or less.

What's All Included?

+ 8 Weeks of HOME & GYM Workouts Pre-Programmed into an app that tracks your weights, rest time, progression etc.

+ Video Demo & Cues for each exercise

+ Optional Fitness Test

+ Intro to Macros

+ How to Calculate/Adjust Macros

+ Substitution List for Machines

+ Weekly Cardio Recommendations

+ Facebook Support Groups/App Chat

+ Goals List 

+ Weekly Mini Challenges + Prizes for engagement

+ Weekly Gratitude Prompts