Grand Prize Winners will win $500 cash + a Bowmar Nutrition, Hydrojug & THICC BY BFB prize package

This is a 4-week mini hypertrophy based strength training program designed to help improve body recomposition, increase muscle mass & improve cardiovascular health & strength. This program comes with BOTH home & gym workouts!

Challenge Info: 

This challenge is ONLY available until November 28th, after that, you will not be able to purchase the program. Challenge starts on November 28th. 

The winners will be based off of overall engagement in the challenge, progress & consistency within the app & overall physical transformation. More details on challenge entries and submissions are within the PDF. 

Once you purchase this program, you will receive an email with a PDF going over all of the program write ups, challenge info & workouts -  you will receive a SEPARATE invite via email to activate app access for the challenge by 11/26-11/28 (depending on date of purchase) & to view the workouts within the app! Please allow us until Saturday morning to send out the first round of app invites. 

Equipment Needed: 

Gym: Barbells, Dumbbells, Bench, Cable Machine, Lat Pulldown, Leg Extension, Leg Curl

Home: Dumbbells 

Program Split:

Gym program has a 5 day split:

  • + Day 1: Upper + Abs

    + Day 2: Lower

    + Day 3: Upper + Abs

    + Day 4: Lower

    + Day 5: Optional Full Body Conditioning & Core Day

    Average Workout Length: 40-70 minutes

Home program has a 3-day full body split - workout length is 30 minutes or less.

What's All Included?

+ 4 Weeks of HOME & GYM Workouts Pre-Programmed into an app that tracks your weights, rest time, progression etc.

+ Video Demo & Cues for each exercise

+ Optional Fitness Test

+ Intro to Macros

+ How to Calculate/Adjust Macros

+ Substitution List for Machines

+ Weekly Cardio Recommendations

+ Facebook Support Groups/App Chat

+ Goals List