2 winners from each guide (4 total) will be flown out to spend an all expense paid weekend with Bailey & Zach in Utah, along with this there will be random winners chosen based on engagement & participation in the support groups, commitment to the challenge & overall support to other members of the challenge.

The 12-Week Transform Challenge Guide is a 12-week hypertrophy & strength based program with an emphasis on improving endurance, increasing strength, transforming your physique & building sustainable healthy habits.  This program comes in two different versions: 

  1. Intermediate/Advanced - great for individuals who have experience in the gym & are comfortable with free weights and machines
  2. Beginner - great for individuals who are just starting out with their fitness journey, those who may not super comfortable in the gym or those who do not have as much experience in the gym

Both of these versions come with both home & gym workouts. Advanced gym workouts take 45-75 min depending on the day & advanced home workouts take 25-40 minutes. Beginner gym workouts take 25-60 minutes depending on the day & beginner home workouts take 15-30 minutes depending on the day. It is split up into three four week blocks and each week consists of four training days. The split is as follows: Upper (chest/back), Lower (glute/quads), Upper (shoulders/arms), Lower (glute/hamstrings). This guide incorporates supersets, tri-sets & circuits.

Purchase one time & have access forever!


  • 12 weeks of workouts, exercise demo videos for each exercise, substitutions list, optional cardio recommendations, 5 core & conditioning workouts, supplement recommendations, goals checklist, facebook support group, motivation & accountability texts, access to us for form checks, 5 weekly recipes + grocery lists, bi-weekly mental health resources & live zoom support groups, 2 free e-books at the end of the challenge: a recipe ebook with 60 recipes from the challenge + all mental resources / information & education. This version will ONLY be available Jan 1-Jan 5!