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  • This is an 8-week glute focused guide, split up into two 4-week phases. It has a 5 day split which includes 3 glute focused days, 2 upper body days & 2 full rest days. You WILL need a gym for this program. I recommend this program for intermediate to advanced lifters - those who are comfortable in the gym. However, if you are a beginner and you would like to challenge yourself, I’d be glad to help you make modifications to make it work. This program implements progressive overload to help you progress in strength throughout the duration of 8-weeks. You will learn how to safely and optimally find a one rep max for your squat, bench, deadlift, and hip thrust. You will learn the importance of proper warmup prior to exercise. You will learn the ins and outs regarding nutrition and supplementation’s role in the recovery process. You will be able to gather a fairly accurate gauge as to what your energy needs are and how to track calories based on macro nutrients. Aside from what I will help teach you, I hope YOU learn to appreciate the process of of transforming your body and your mind. I hope you look forward to each day and the opportunity it provides to improve as a human.

    This guide also comes with access to a supportive Facebook group as well as a Instagram exercise video library.